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Remote Onboarding

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We’ve all transformed. Whether we were
ready or not.

The recent environment and disruption we’ve faced over the last several months has forced many organizations to rethink people, process and technology strategies. Transactional employee experiences do not drive the levels of engagement, alignment and speed to productivity that is required by today’s business models. The need to achieve better resilience and agility at scale across the organization is more pressing than ever.

Mature onboarding programs supported by a robust digital solution afford organizations the ability to adapt to changing business needs, employee transitions and remote working models. Intentionally designed onboarding experiences that acculturate, align and train remote hires will provide organizations the agility and resiliency they need to adapt to change.

Join us for a webinar where we'll cover:

  • The importance of strategic onboarding
  • Essential components of a remote onboarding strategy
  • How to deliver learning content as part of the onboarding experience
  • How to personalize onboarding for different inflection points
  • Much more!

We’ll also show a demonstration of SilkRoad Technology’s onboarding solution, which can be leveraged to deliver personalized journeys that engage, retain and align every candidate, new hire and employee to the organization’s culture and goals. 

Presented by: 


Lilith Christiansen
Chief Strategy & Product Officer
SilkRoad Technology

Bill McGuire
Senior Solution Consultant
SilkRoad Technology

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