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Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Roadmaps

Step-by-step checklists to design intentional journeys

SilkRoad Technology Roadmaps

Learn how to design intentional strategic onboarding and offboarding journeys.

Strategic Employee Onboarding Roadmap:
World-class onboarding goes beyond payroll forms and compliance to deliver an intentionally designed journey—from the offer letter through the first year and every point in between. Learn how to engage every new hire in a personalized experience that activates and connects them to a team, your company culture, and their goals.

Strategic Employee Offboarding Roadmap:
How you exit an employee is just as critical as how you welcome them. With these top tips you'll be able to develop a strong offboarding strategy that will help you complete tasks, retain knowledge, and leave the exiting employee with a positive experience.

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