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Webinar: SilkRoad Spotlight Series

How to Stop Ruminating & Start Taking Action!


Have you found yourself caught in the overthinking trap lately?

If you're not sure...consider this: how many times during the past week have you found yourself in one of these thinking loops? 

  • Replaying a past conversation or situation that didn't go the way you hoped it would... over, and over, and over...
  • Anticipating a negative outcome to a future situation. Perhaps to the point that you've imagined the ENTIRE conversation (and not just once)
  • Kicking yourself for something you did or didn't do...

Sound familiar? If you're nodding your head and think "Oh yes, that's me!"... You'll want to join us! 

Here's a sneak peak into what we will cover in this webinar:

  • 4 Tips for Taking Deliberate Action
  • 4 Behaviors to Avoid
  • Receive Your Free Guide
  • Much more!

Join us to learn how to stop ruminating and start taking action!

You can also enter to win one of three free passes Carla is giving away to friends of SilkRoad to The Professional Woman's Mentor Masterclass. The giveaway ends on May 10th, winners to be announced during the live webinar. You can enter here: Create Career Success Masterclass

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Carla Howard
The Professional Woman's Mentor


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