Webinar - Your 21st Century Workforce:

Harnessing Change & Using Disruptions to Your Advantage


Trends such as automation, AI and flexible workplace structures will transform your organization in a big way—before you know it.

As a leader, you might find it interesting to hear about the future of work developments, but your focus is on your immediate priorities. However, the upcoming workforce changes and disruption does not have to be frightening—and is in fact full of opportunity.

Join us for a webinar with human capital futurist Alexandra Levit as she uncovers key strategies to manage this change, such as how to:

  • Actively embracing coming disruptions
  • Initiate dialogue with other leaders and your workforce
  • Put concrete change management plans in place
  • Much more!

Remain productive and competitive in the months and years to come—you will not want to miss this webinar as part of the 2019 Workforce Transformation Series.

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Featuring Alexandra Levit, best-selling author and journalist. A former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and writer for the New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Alexandra recently became a partner with organizational development firm PeopleResults.

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