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Webinar Series:

The 3 C’s of Strategic Onboarding


The 3 key components of a strategic onboarding program: customization, connection, and consistency.

Featuring Sharlyn Lauby, author of the popular blog HR Bartender.

September 28—11am PST • 1pm CST • 2pm EST 
Creating Personalized Onboarding Roadmaps for New Hires

Companies need to create personalized onboarding activities to make new hires feel like they will be successful. Join us as we discuss:

  • Why personalization is necessary in the onboarding process
  • Five (5) personalized activities that can be added to onboarding
  • How technology can help organizations create a personalized roadmap
  • A plan for implementing and evaluating a personalized onboarding roadmap

October 19—11am PST • 1pm CST • 2pm EST 
Onboarding ‘Buddy’ Programs: 5 Implementation Steps

Giving new hires a ‘buddy’ can be very beneficial for employee engagement and retention. But how do you implement a program? Join us to learn:

  • What buddy programs are (and aren’t), along with why to consider one
  • A five (5) step model for designing an onboarding buddy program
  • Implementation do’s and don’ts
  • How to sell the program to the rest of the organization

November 9—11am PST • 1pm CST • 2pm EST 
Increase Employee Retention with Talent Activation Centers

Organizations need to keep onboarding fresh with their employees. One way to do that is by implementing talent centers. Join us to explore:

  • What’s a talent center and why organizations should have one
  • 5 things that every talent center should include
  • An implementation strategy for talent center
  • Activities to keep user participation at a high level

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