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EPISODE 13 Set Goals, and Get Manager Buy-In for Agile

Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender joins us to discuss agile performance management and goal setting. We discuss how to pitch transitioning from traditional to agile performance management with the CEO and CFO. We also discuss how to involve managers in the agile process and how employees can give valuable feedback to each other.

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EPISODE 12 The Future of Work

Sharlyn Lauby, Human Resources Management: author, writer, speaker, consultant - ‎HR Bartender, discusses the future of work with us. Learn how deeper analytics, better training for managers, and creating a blended work environment will define the future of work and whether or not organizations will succeed.

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EPISODE 11 Is Gamification More Than A Trend?

We sit down with Amanda Woodard of Mahlab Media, and editor of Human Resources Monthly, a Human Resources Institute of Australia Publication, to discuss why 1 in 4 Australian organizations are using games to increase productivity. Is this just a passing fad, does it work, and how would you make it work in your organization, are just a few of the questions we'll be answering on the podcast.

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EPISODE 10 Building A Solid Company Culture With Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio, author and founder of Group Harmonics sits down with us at SilkRoad Connections to discuss creating a company culture that lasts. For other videos and resources on creating a great company culture visit Group Harmonics and the SilkRoad Employer Brand Resource Center

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EPISODE 9 The New Face of Onboarding

We sit down with Kyle Lagunas of IDC at SilkRoad's Connections User Conference to discuss a new way to look at the onboarding process to engage new hires.

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EPISODE 8 DIY Agile Performance Management

We welcomed back Alexandra Levit, Author, Speaker, and Writer to discuss performance management strategies and how HR teams can build their own agile performance programs. We use real life business cases and discuss what are the key attributes of an agile performance plan, what are the pitfalls of agile performance, how to properly use microfeedback, and how to implement agile performance program in your company.

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EPISODE 7 Recruiting Advice With Indeed

How engaging is your candidate experience? Have you ever applied for your own job postings? Kevin Walker, Director of Employee Insights at Indeed discusses the Indeed job search platform for recruiters and job seekers and gives key insights and useful tips for recruiters on this episode of TalentTalk.

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EPISODE 6 Identifying and Preparing Future Leaders

This year more executives will reach retirement age, and HR needs to act fast to fill critical roles. Author, speaker, consultant, and writer, Alexandra Levit discusses how to put a plan in place to groom your future leaders for leadership. Later we discuss strategies for testing for integrity in your employees and how to build a mentor-ship program that keeps HR in the loop of employee training.

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Wonderlic Integrity Test Download.

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EPISODE 5 How to build the best employee brand

Speaker, Author, and SilkRoad Spokesperson, Alexandra Levit sits down with us today to discuss what Employer Branding is, what are the best practices and how to build an employer brand in your organization. We discuss some of the pitfalls of employer branding, and how to avoid hurtles such as going off company message as well. I hope you enjoy another information packed TaltentTalk Podcast.

EPISODE 4 The Future With Gen Z

Meghan M. Biro, Talent Management and HR Tech strategist, digital catalyst, author, speaker, founder, and CEO, TalentCulture, sits down with us to discuss Gen Z, the newest generation poised to enter the workforce. We discuss what Gen Z will bring to organizations, their work habits, and how to recruit the best of them. 

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EPISODE 3 New Frontiers in Compliance

Renowned Author, speaker, consultant, and writer, Alexandra Levit discusses compliance issues facing HR in 2016, such as changes to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Raising the minimum wage, and laws surrounding paid sick leave.  At 22:18 we discuss exemption from overtime pay regulations and the salary threshold expansion.  

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EPISODE 2 Engage Today, Recruit Tomorrow: How to Hire Talent That Won't Want to Leave.

Renowned Author, speaker, consultant, and writer, Alexandra Levit discusses recruiting challenges in a post-recession world. Alexandra gives tips on how to create a company culture, hire for the future, reduce turnover, and how to test for work ethic in a job interview.

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EPISODE 1 Are Your Millennials Ready To Step Up?

Amber Hyatt, SPHR, HRCI, discusses the importance of Millennials in your workplace, how to hire them, and groom them for success. This episode uses real-life personal examples to discuss everything from how to use social media in recruiting to how to build a mentorship program.

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