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SilkRoad Performance

Improve employee performance to maximize business results

SilkRoad Performance

Personalize performance management and create a culture of feedback, goal-setting, and appraisal for every employee journey.

Empower employees to own their performance—from frequent checkins, feedback, and goal setting—with their managers. Closely connect employees to team and organizational goals. Today’s employees want more frequent, feedback clearly aligned to goals.

SilkRoad Performance facilitates ongoing conversations that improve employee performance and engagement to maximize business results.

In less than an hour we will show you how SilkRoad Performance can:

  • Create a culture of continuous feedback
  • Clearly define expectations between employee and manager
  • Achieve increased visibility with powerful dashboards
  • Give managers at-a-glance insight into performance processes
  • Much more!

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In the meantime, see how the journey to talent activation includes personalizing performance management. Click the image below to watch a short video to see how you can activate employee performance today.

SilkRoad Performance

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