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Creating a High-Performance Work Environment

Engagement = Profits

Research shows that companies with the highest employee engagement scores deliver operating margins 170% above organizations with low engagement rankings.

Is your organization ahead or behind the curve with engagement and talent management?  See where you stand by downloading “Creating a High-Performance Work Environment.”  The report explores survey data, insights, and ideas, including:

What Employees Really Want — “trust in management” (56%) ranked highest for fostering engagement. The report examines that issue and others, ranking the 12 most commonly used engagement mechanisms.

  • Generational Differences — few organizations (10%) differentiate engagement by generations. Learn why you should start differentiating to attract new talent—especially Millennials.
  • Roadblocks and Buy-In — nearly half (46%) of organizations lack explicit programs for employee engagement. Find out why and learn the 6 steps to gain executive buy-in for formal programs.

Engage employees to improve business results!

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