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Calculating the ROI of an Employee Performance Management Solution

Gallup estimates the cost to the economy for disengaged employees to be $350 billion! Neither the economy nor your organization can afford to lose that amount of money and productivity on employees that are not engaged and productive. When individual performance is not aligned to company goals, and employees don't get proper feedback and plans for development, there's a significant affect on turnover. 

High turnover, low productivity, and disengagement can all be addressed with an effective performance management process and system (EPM). While most organizations and human resources professionals already understand the value of automating their employee performance management process, it's still a struggle to prove the business benefits of an investment in an automated system to executive management. There are many tangible and intangible areas where you can determine the true cost savings of an EPM system. Download our complimentary paper that focuses on some of the key tangible areas where you can increase productivity, reduce turnover, and decrease costs.